Hoarding is an all-purpose term for a behavior that leads people or animals to accumulate food or other items to be used in times of scarcity.

Since this definition is true, then almost every person in America qualifies as a “hoarder”, because everyone saves food and other things for use in times of scarcity. That includes you.

If not, Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, BJ’s and even Home Depot would not exist, as they are the mecca for alleged “Hoarders” We still have the Y2K people across America waiting for Doomsday

Every home is equipped with freezers, refrigerators, pantries, closets, while cars have trunks to store silly things like a spare tire, flashlights etc.

Then there are credit unions, saving’s banks, stocks, bonds, where all of these “HOARDERS” stock away things like diamonds, money and gold, to be used in times of scarcity.

It even gets worse, much worse.

Off-site storage companies are the fastest growing business in America. The American landscape is becoming littered with many acres that add up to square miles of inline attached garages, where “Hoarders” can store their things to be used in times of “scarcity.”

These “Hoarder’s Hotels” are being relentlessly franchised and in urban areas they tear down one story buildings, to replace them with 6 to 8 story personal warehouses with cubicles inside to accommodate apartment dwellers who are also “hoarders”.

And yes, the new “Hoarder’s Hotels” have carpets in the hallways with heat and air conditioning to ensure that the hoarder’s hoard is always comfortable.

The Hoarding Institute believes that Warren Buffet, Bernard Madoff, Carl Icahn and other titans in the insurance and finance industries, are by far the largest and most prolific “Hoarders” in America.

Now along comes the American Psychological Association (APA) and their members, whose mission is to dispense “advice and help” for “Hoarders”. With what qualifications?

What’s worse, is the publishers of the DSM- 5 have now given the green light for people who are “Hoarders” to seek psychological counseling, because it appears to them that “Hoarding” is a disease. Wow!

If that is true, then almost everyone in America is very sick with this new pandemic “Hoarding disease” and should call a therapist today for help. Why not? The DSM 5 gives the therapists a way to get your insurance company to pay your bill, while you waste your time telling a stranger why you own a freezer and a pantry full of canned food.

What is really sick are the vultures, crooks, charlatans, garbage haulers, amateur organizers posing as experts” on hoarding, hoarding franchisees with a few days of “training” and Trauma cleaning/ Bio-Hazard Removal companies, who are advertising that they MAY be able to get insurance to pay their bill. These newcomer companies also hang on to the coat-tails of the medical communities, in hopes of being placed on their referral list.

This is the biggest crap of all. When a 91 year old woman is found living in an apartment she has lived in every day for the last 40 years, then why is her apartment then deemed a BIO HAZARD? It is not.

If it was a bio hazard, she would have died long ago. Most of us do not live past 80 in pristine conditions. To the contrary, chemical warfare suits are not necessary other than to scare the hell out of the public and to charge 5 -10 times the money for a dog and pony show. The white suits are to keep the $300 pair of sneakers clean.

There is no shortage of lies, secret agendas, self-serving media broadcasts, authors of How to Books who can’t, internet con artists who proclaim everything to get the work and then learn on the job at the victims expense.

Now we have the can’t do/ how to teachers, teaching others how to do what does not work in exchange for CEU credits. WOW!

Where do these self-appointed teachers get their information? If it is not from having thousands of recoveries behind them, then it can only be from the self-serving biased recycled documents handed down that started in the mid-1700s.

This psycho education site is clearly on the other side of the fence from us, as are dozens of others around the country who profit from giving seminars and ECU credits. We think it is the blind leading the blind in the hours of darkness.

Some of these wasted efforts are similar to taking a feral cat from the street and expecting it to be kind loving and gregarious. Or missionaries going into the jungle where indigenous people have survived for centuries to “save them”… From what?

The pioneer in the “hoarding” recovery industry was chronicled in the first TV documentary on the subject back in 2001, when MSNBC’s “Caught on Tape” show gave a detailed explanation about the issues of clutter and a viable solution. Check it out on YouTube.