Ron Alford is a recognized authority on Crisis Management, Disaster Prevention, Risk Management, and Disaster Ron AlfordRecovery for corporations and individuals. Ron is also the Founder of The Hoarding Institute.

He is a professional speaker and proactive Crisis Management expert, whose focus is on the planning and recovery process. His 35-year career as the Founder/ Director of Disaster Masters Inc.® and the management of thousands of recovery projects for individuals and insurance claims has given him experience and insight which enables him to view people’s behavior, organizations, buildings, and their contents, in a completely different framework.

Alford is the Founder of Disaster Masters®, Disposophobia™, Thought Masters™ and Life Transition Management™.

He is also the Founder/ Director of The Quality Information Institute™, whose mission is providing consumers with his unique perspective and solutions for the mountains of biased propaganda being circulated by the medical, drug and insurance industries.